Deadly Miami Twp. police shooting: What dispatchers and officers said

Deadly Miami Twp. police shooting: What dispatchers and officers said

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Robert Edwards

Miami Twp. police’s deadly shooting of a 33-year-old resident early Wednesday morning followed a string of exchanges between dispatchers and the two officers responding to the scene.

The death of Robert Edwards at the front door of his Del Barton Avenue home in the Oakwood Village mobile home park came after Officers James M. McCarty and Shawn Todd responded.

Police said shots were fired after Edwards failed to comply with commands to drop his weapon, later discovered to be a pellet gun.

The two officers were dispatched about 12:15 a.m. after a Facebook user called authorities with fears that Edwards, her ex-boyfriend, would commit suicide.

Here are recorded exchanges obtained by this news organization between dispatchers and the officers in the minutes surrounding the shooting, which occurred about 12:30 a.m.:

-Dispatcher: 10515 Del Barton Avenue. Caller is texting with Robert Edwards there, a 32-year-old white male, on Facebook saying he’d loaded a gun, possibly also intox(icated). Might be brother and sister-in-law and two other subjects inside residence with him.

-Dispatcher: He’s not talking about suicide anymore. He’s just talking (inaudible). They were just having casual conversation. She was trying to find out if he still has a gun.

-Dispatcher: He has a phone but it’s not turned on right now….on a computer.

-Dispatcher: All crews, 99. 10505 Del Barton. 10505 Del Barton. Shots fired.

-Unidentified officer: Suspect’s down. Get us some medics out here ASAP.

-Dispatcher: You want to cancel the 99?

-Unidentified officer: We need some crews out here. We need a medic out here.

-Dispatch: OK.


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