5 things to know about the Trump rally stage rusher


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5 things to know about the Trump rally stage rusher

On Saturday, a Wright State University student named Thomas DiMassimo was arrested after he attempted to rush the stage at this weekend's Donald Trump rally. 

In case you missed it, presidential candidate Trump started speaking and DiMassimo tried to get onto the stage, prompting U.S. Secret Service agents to remove him and protect Trump.

But who exactly is Thomas DiMassimo? We wanted to find out more about the Trump stage rusher. Here's what we learned.

3.) He’s an actor with an extensive theatrical resume.

DiMassimo has acted in Wright State University's production of "A Streetcar Named Desire" (pictured below), "Romeo and Juliet" and "Pride and Prejudice." The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that DiMassimo was a child actor who had roles on TV shows such as “Yes, Dear,” “Reno 911!” and “House of Payne.”

Street Car
Wright State University’s production of Tennessee Williams’ classic drama “A Streetcar Named Desire” features Mackenzie Stephens as Stella (left), Tommy DiMassimo as Stanley Kowalski and Ellie Margolis as Blanche DuBois. W. STUART MCDOWELL/CONTRIBUTED

4. His Twitter handle is @Younglionking17.
There, DiMassimo made his views on Trump clear long before the rally this past weekend.

5. He’s originally from Georgia
According to the AJC report, DiMassimo has "Atlanta ties," His mother, Faye DiMassimo, is a public official. According to a press release, she was a part of the “Renew Atlanta” infrastructure project in November 2015.

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