Tipp City officials buy a house — in order to tear it down


Tipp City officials buy a house — in order to tear it down

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A mechanical problem beneath this house in Tipp City prompted city officials to decide to buy — and tear it down. Demolition began Monday. (Jim Otte/Staff)

Tipp City officials bought a house so they could tear it down.

It may sound strange, but it helped to put an end to a long-running controversy.

The controversy began when a family living in the house, at 274 Miles Ave., discovered a large storm drain pipe underneath it was corroding. The owner feared it could collapse, taking the house down with it.

Several years of talks ensured, but finally city officials agreed to buy the house.

They figured it was more financially prudent to buy the house outright and tear it down rather than face litigation and the cost of repairing the pipe with the house sitting above it.

Demolition began Monday.

When all is said and done, the house and driveway will be gone and city officials plan — for now — to plant grass and leave it as green space.

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