5 tips to keep pets safe in the winter


5 tips to keep pets safe in the winter

Dog, cat and other critter lovers contacted our newsroom asking for advice on how to keep pets safe in the winter.

The Humane Society of Greater Dayton provides seasonal tips on its website, HumaneSocietyDayton.org.

HSGD advise pet owners to follow these five tips to keep pets safe and warm in cold weather.

  • Keep fresh, clean (unfrozen) water available at all times in a plastic bowl, not metal;
  • Provide elevated shelter to protect from drafts and freezing ground temperatures;
  • Feed outdoor animals more to add body fat;
  • Check paws for frostbite damage and remove de-icer and salt before animals can lick them off;
  • Keep pets away from sweet-smelling antifreeze, which can be deadly.
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