Why is steam coming from the Great Miami River?

    2:25 p.m Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 Homepage

The temperature has been so cold recently that local bodies of water are starting to give off steam. 

The Great Miami River and Mad River are frozen in multiple spots and near Deeds Point the Mad River is almost frozen from bank to bank. 

With the frigidly low temperatures the water in the river is now warmer than the air around it and causing the appearance of steam coming from the water.  

“Even though the water feels very cold it's still much warmer than the air around it. The air temperature is around zero or below and the river is significantly warmer, so it's just condensation. The river, just because it is much warmer, is condensing steam,” Kurt Rinehart, chief engineer of the Miami Conservancy District, said.

This can be compared to what happens when you have a pot of boiling water in your kitchen that gives off steam because it’s warmer than the atmosphere around it. 

We will continue to monitor the affect that the low temperatures are having on our local bodies of water and bring you the latest updates.  

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