Middletown house fire causes $40K in damages

Middletown house fire causes $40K in damages

Middletown fire officials are still working to determine what caused a fire that destroyed a Middletown home and caused $41,000 in damages to the house and contents.

The Dec. 8 fire to a home in the 3100 block of Roslyn Drive caused $21,000 to the property and $20,000 to the contents, according to a fire department report.

There was little firefighters could do when they arrived on the scene, said Middletown Fire Capt. George Blake.

The fire blew a hole off one side of the home’s roof and heavy smoke was billowing out of the other side of the roof, he said.

Kelly Myers, the lone resident, and no firefighters were injured, according to Blake. Middletown received mutual aid from Monroe.

The siding of a neighboring house received damage from the fire’s heat, Blake said.

Myers moved into the house about three months ago and had recently completed her Christmas shopping. However, it appeared all of the gifts were lost in the fire.

Myers said she was “thankful” she was able to get out of the house uninjured with her cat, Kate.

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