Middletown to renew fire contract with Franklin Twp.


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Middletown to renew fire contract with Franklin Twp.

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A Middletown fire engine responds to call from the station on Dixie Highway. The station was obtained by the city from Franklin Twp. when the area around Towne Mall was annexed in 1996. Since then, the city of Middletown has been contracted by Franklin Twp. to provide fire protection services for a small area of the township that is bordered by the Butler/Warren county line, Interstate 75, Manchester and Coles roads. ED RICHTER/STAFF

Middletown City Council is expected to renew a 10-year fire service contract with Franklin Twp. .

Since the 1996 annexation of the Towne Mall area, Middletown has provided fire suppression services for a small portion of Franklin Twp. under a contracted rate per fire run for the unincorporated area of the township adjacent to the city. The unincorporated area under contract is bordered by the Butler/Warren County line, Manchester Road, Interstate 75 and Coles Road.

According to a staff report by Fire Chief Paul Lolli, during the annexation process, an agreement was negotiated between the city and the township that resulted in the city receiving the former township fire station on South Dixie Highway. Another provision of this agreement called for Middletown to provide suppression duties to portions of Franklin Township formerly served by this station. At the time, the township paid the city $300 for each fire run.

While the city provided fire suppression services to that area of the township, it did not include inspections or enforcement or emergency medical services. The Joint Emergency Medical Services District provides EMS services for that area.

That agreement expired in 2006 and a new 10-year pact was signed in November 2006 with a new contracted rate of $425 per fire run.

Lolli is recommending renewing the contract for another 10 years with no changes with the costs per fire run remaining at $425. However, the new agreement has a provision that contract rate shall be subject to renegotiation at the end of the fifth year of the agreement.

According to Lolli, the city has provided this service for this area with no negative financial impact.

“The City of Middletown has fire personnel and suppression equipment stationed closer to the area than what the Township has available,” Lolli said in his report. “This agreement demonstrates mutual cooperation between the two governing bodies that may help lead towards improved working relationships in other areas.”

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