Readers share their views on morning-after pill


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Readers share their views on morning-after pill


More views on morning-after pill.

‘Almost like giving them permission’

Re “Your thoughts on morning-after pill,” June 12: I would rather adult women take a pill to stop a pregnancy than have an abortion. But children under a certain age should not be able to get this pill without a prescription. Can you imagine all the young children having sex, knowing they won’t have to worry about the outcome? We seem to be so concerned about young children having sex, yet this is almost like giving them permission. I think the pill should be given out only with a prescription to the parents when the child is under 18. … DONNA MURRAY, FARMERSVILLE

‘No discussions with mom and dad’

The Obama administration’s decision to comply on the morning-after pill is just another anti-family, anti-life ruling consistent with this current regime.

Young women who may be pressured to have sex will be more likely to consent, knowing the pill is available at the drugstore the next day. No discussions with mom and dad about what happened last night, just secrecy.

The “sexual freedom” that the morning-after pill may seem to provide does not justify the potential increased disease, let alone the veil of secrecy your young teenager will be able to have. … DANIEL J. VOGT, LOVELAND

Judge made a ‘ridiculous decision’

I am a retired RN who worked in the maternity area for 25 years. All nurses are health educators and I was a Patient Education Coordinator (planned programs for patients’ education) for 15 years. I am a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, so I want all youth to be informed of the risks and side effects of the morning-after pill.

I am upset that one federal judge could make this ridiculous decision to make this medication available to all women under 17 years of age without their parents’ knowledge. I would like to meet with him and President Obama for a discussion, but that will never happen.

This medication can reduce the effects of other medications. It can cause allergic reactions, such as shortness of breath, hives, rashes and swelling of the face and tongue. Other symptoms of side effects are nausea and vomiting, bleeding between periods, abdominal pain, cramps and loose stools.

I do not believe in abortions. We have beautiful young people who were adopted by parents who could not have their own child and single mothers who chose to raise their baby.

If you want to learn more about this morning-after pill, go to ROSEMARY HAGAR, CELINA

‘Imperfect people raise children’

In a perfect world, mothers and fathers could sit down with their teenage daughters and calmly discuss how to traverse the minefield of sexual coming-of-age. No threats, no recriminations, just a straight-forward dialectic leavened with a loving smile. I wish it were always so. Unfortunately, in this world, imperfect people raise children. Sometimes even downright mean people raise children.

In my opinion, I feel the imperative not to bring a new life into the world prematurely — and all the many ills that usually accompany that choice — is far more important than honoring parents’ “ownership” of their children. It’s a pretty big, grown-up decision to go to the pharmacy and buy the morning-after pill, but having sex was a pretty big, grown-up thing to do, too.

I don’t particularly like “lesser of two evils” decisions, but in this instance, I think I’ll go with the judge’s order. CHRIS NOAH-COOPER, MIAMISBURG

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