The notorious ‘Christmas killings’ of 1992: Map and timeline

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From Dec. 24-26, 1992, six people were killed and two were injured in one of the bloodiest killing sprees in Dayton’s history, which has become known as the “Christmas killings.”

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Four people were convicted of the killings:

• Marvallous Keene, 19 (at the time), who was later executed

• Heather Nicole Matthews, 20

• DeMarcus Maurice Smith, 19, Matthews’ boyfriend

• Laura Taylor, 16, Keene’s girlfriend

Here’s a look at where the events occurred and what happened during that infamous three-day span:

Thursday, Dec. 24 | Joseph Wilkerson, the first victim, is shot to death Dec. 24 inside his home at 3321 Prescott Ave. He wasn’t found until Saturday, Dec. 26.

Thursday, Dec. 24 | Danita Gullette, 18, of 709 Five Oaks Ave., Apt. 6, is shot numerous times while standing at a pay phone at 517 Neal Ave.

Thursday, Dec. 24 | Jeffrey Wright, 28, of 1114 Akron Place, is shot four times outside 157 Yuma Place. He survived.

Friday, Dec. 25 | Richmond Maddox, 19, of 3938 Larkspur Drive, is shot once in the head while driving his car on Benton Avenue. He dies from the gunshot.

Saturday, Dec. 26 | Three people enter the Short-Stop Mini Market, 1201 W. Fifth St., and shoot clerk Sarah Abraham and customer Jones Pettus during a robbery. Abraham dies five days later and Pettus survives.

Saturday, Dec. 26 | A Dayton police sergeant spots a black Dodge Shadow used by some of the assailants at 725 Kumler Ave. Police arrest four people in the car and confiscate several weapons.

Sunday, Dec. 27 | Police receive a tip and soon find a 16-year-old girl and 18-year-old man shot to death at a city-owned gravel dump at 1654 Richley Drive.

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