Trotwood will again use speed cameras


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Trotwood will again use speed cameras

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Trotwood police display their new speed-detection cameras that can snap photographs and take video of speeding vehicles. The new camera is on the left, while a standard speed gun is on the right. CORNELIUS FROLIK / STAFF

Trotwood starting next month will cite speeders again using automated cameras, except now the devices are now mobile and will be operated by police officers.

The city last year turned off the automated cameras it used to fine motorists for speeding and running red lights to comply with tough new restrictions on their operation imposed by state lawmakers.

But Trotwood likely will become the second Ohio city to use hand-held cameras, which allow police to issue civil citations without having to follow and pull over speeding vehicles.

Trotwood will use automated cameras to cite speeders. But they won’t be fixed cameras, like this one. They will be mobile and operated by officers. FILE PHOTO

Dayton also has explored starting an automated traffic camera program that complies with state restrictions.

But meanwhile, the city has asked the Ohio Supreme Court to strike down the state’s regulations on traffic cameras on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional.


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