What to do in a power outage during cold weather


What to do in a power outage during cold weather

With sub-zero temperatures expected early next week, Dayton Power and Light released tips on what to do in the event of an outage.

DP&L says it’s not worried about meeting the increased electricity demands, but power failures are possible in high winds, ice and freezing rain conditions.

The company advises turn off all heat-producing appliances, like stoves, in case you are not home when power is restored.

Here are some more tips to consider:

Before an outage

  • Prepare a storm kit with a radio, water, non-perishables, flashlights and first aid items. See full list here
  • Create a plan, especially if medical equipment needs to continuously operate. Inform DP&L of your medical equipment and you may get priority restoration. Visit ready.gov, nod.org or redcross.org for assistance in emergency planning.
  • Plan for your pets, by maintaining fresh, unfrozen water, straw or bedding for insulation
  • Clear gutters and cut away branches that could fall on structures or power lines during a storm.
  • Know how to shut off water valves in case a pipe bursts and make sure fire extinguishers are on hand and everyone knows how to use them.


  • Report an outage or downed power lines to DP&L by calling 877-4-OUTAGE
  • Avoid contact with power lines on your property and stay in your car if lines fall onto it
  • Never use a generator inside, like basements, garages or even on a porch. More information is available at http://www.dpandl.com/education/safety-tips/generator-safety/
  • Food in a refrigerator stays cold for four hours, if the door remains closed. Freezers keep items cold 24-48 hours, depending on use and fullness. Food safety information is available at http://www.dpandl.com/education/safety-tips/food-safety/
  • Have a working carbon monoxide detector when using a fireplace
  • For safety reasons, avoid areas where utility crews are working

And after

  • Restock storm supplies and replace batteries
  • Check for damages on property and consider adding insulation where it’s needed in the home

Some indoor activities to consider

Aside from being prepared for any power outages, there are many other activities to consider when locked up inside during a snow storm. This includes stocking up for snacking, cooking, and much more. An Executive Editor from WNYC gives you some options here.

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