Flyer Q/A with Jordan Sibert


Flyer Q/A with Jordan Sibert

Question: Where did you get the nickname “Smooth?”

Answer: (laughs) That’s a nickname given to me a long time ago at Buckeye Prep Camp. One of my teammates told me I played really smooth to him, so he called me “J Smooth” and it’s stuck with me ever since. Now my Mom calls me “JJ” or a special name, but many of my family calls me “Smooth” too.

Q: How does it feel to wear a uniform after sitting out for a year?

A: It’s been exciting. I think at the Red & Blue game I may have been too excited! But I just want to be me — a lot of people think I have a lot of pressure on me to be a certain way. But I just want people to see me, to know who Jordan is, to know who “Smooth” is (laughs) and I’m just so excited to play.

Q: So what is the difference in being an Ohio State Buckeye and a Dayton Flyer?

A: The main thing for me is the sense of basketball heritage here. This is a basketball school. Being there (OSU) was a great environment but you feel like a number at times, you don’t feel a part of something special. Here, you feel like you make a difference, where you’re in the game or a cheerleader on the side like I was last season. I can tell the fans even feel engaged, and that’s the main difference. It’s a lot more personal here and that’s what I really love about this school.

Q: What did you do with all your old Buckeyes’ stuff?

A: It’s still at my house. It’s in a bin somewhere stored in the garage I think. It’s packed away ‘cause I don’t need them anymore.

Q: Do you procrastinate about anything?

A: Even though I do my laundry as much as I can, I can’t stand folding it. It’s the most annoying thing ever. Most of the time, I just throw it in my drawers, unfolded, but I try not to. My Mom would not approve!

Q: What has being a Dayton Flyer meant to you?

A: I am so excited just to play and perform and to make people happy… for me to be happy. I want my teammates to be happy. I want to win. I want to bring something here that hasn’t been brought here in years. Whether it’s me cheering someone on or me doing it myself, I just want this team to be as great as we can be.

Q: What is your message for the Flyer Nation?

A: Get ready. The season is here, and I’m playing now and I’m ready to put on a show. The Flyer Nation comes and supports us and they want to see a show and that’s what we’re going to give you a “Smooth” one.

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