Rare Hunter’s Supermoon in tonight’s sky


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Rare Hunter’s Supermoon in tonight’s sky

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The Hunter's Supermoon will be visible tonight in the Miami Valey

Tonight you’ll have a chance to see the rare “Hunter’s Supermoon” — named for the time of year it occurs during the hunting season.

The moon appears bigger and brighter — which helps with visibility in the pre-dawn hours for hunters — because it is closer than usual.

It will be visible shortly after midnight, at 12:23 a.m. Sunday.

A moon is a supermoon when it is at a point called “perigee,” when the moon is at its closest to Earth during its orbit. The moon does not rotate around Earth at an equal distance throughout the year. Tonight, the moon will be 222,365 miles away from Earth, which is 16,490 miles closer than the average orbit of the moon. Because of this, it will appear 16 percent bigger and brighter.

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