Twitter Reacts: St. Joseph's Hawks 82, Dayton Flyers 79

Pure chaos of a trap in the final minute Saturday. David Jablonski/Staff

I don't often take fans' complaints about officiating seriously. Complaining about missed calls is like complaining about missed shots. No one's figured out how to make every shot, except Steph Curry. No one's figured out how to make a block/charge call after all these years. In the history of sports, there has never been a game in which the officials haven't been at fault for a loss. That's what I hear anyway.

Having said that, there was such a deluge of vitriol toward the officials Saturday, I'm going to preserve the moment by collecting the complaints here. Here are the best tweets about the officiating (and other things) from Saturday, when Dayton lost 82-79 to St. Joseph's in the A-10 semifinals.


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