My top 5 most-reversible sports results

One of those Twitter "what if?" challenges that makes the rounds from time to time got me thinking today.

I'm 34 and first is the worst for me: Super Bowl XXIII: 49ers 20, Bengals 16.

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

How might my life be different if Montana to Taylor never happened?

What if Lewis Billups didn't drop that interception earlier in the game?

Well, I'd probably be the same, but the Bengals wouldn't seem like such a perennial disappointment.

I certainly would have sworn I'd never watch football again at least one less time in my life, too.

Here's what else made my list:

2. 1995 Ohio State at Michigan

The 1993 shutout stung, but this was the first time in my life the Wolverines ruined a legitimate shot at the national championship. It made the rest of them since less intense, including the following year.

3. 1999 National League one-game playoff: Mets at Reds

This was one of the most enjoyable seasons since 1990 since it came out of nowhere. I felt less like the 2010 and '12 teams were really equipped to win it all than this one.

4. 2014 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs Game 7: Kings at Blackhawks

The two best teams in the league concluding an amazing series. Chicago blew a third-period lead, lost on a fluky overtime goal (that happens). Three cups is nice, but it ain't four!

5. 1992 NCAA tournament regional final: Ohio State vs. Michigan

This is the game that taught me to fear sports karma for the rest of my life. Jimmy Jackson's Buckeyes beat the Fab Five twice in the regular season and won the Big Ten championship but lost the one that really mattered, becoming a footnote to history in the process.

There are plenty more, but those are the first five that came to mind for me.

What about you?

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