Trump stuns GOP by siding with Democrats on deal to link Harvey aid, debt ceiling, and government funding

It landed with a thud. A few hours after House Speaker Paul Ryan had sternly rejected a plan from Democrats for a short term debt ceiling increase that would be tied to an initial Hurricane Harvey disaster relief bill, President Donald Trump was accepting that exact plan in an Oval Office meeting at the White House, a move that left GOP lawmakers stunned on Capitol Hill, with many wondering what might come next.

Mr. Trump also agreed to a temporary plan to fund the federal government, setting up a series of mid-December deadlines which may bring about giant political showdown on a series of issues, just before the Christmas break.

Several hours later, GOP lawmakers still couldn't believe their ears - and neither could reporters in the Capitol.

Here's some of what we heard on one of the oddest days yet of the Trump Presidency:

All I will say is, stay tuned. After surprising Speaker Ryan with this move on Wednesday, President Trump will host Ryan for dinner on Thursday night.

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