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RNC Night 2 - Dr. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate

Dr. Ben Carson started his speech with a declaration, "I'm not politically correct."

He said it's used to make people to shut up and "we need to shout."

Carson, a brain and neurosurgeon, spoke of the brain as a remarkable organ. He said people need to resist taking the "easy way out," like some in their own party have suggested and saying a Hillary Clinton presidency "won't be that bad. We need to start thinking, we need to use our brains."

The next president will appoint federal and Supreme Court justices, and will continue an educational system that makes them dependent on the system.

Carson blasted Clinton for writing her senior college thesis on Saul Alinsky, who wrote "The Rules for Radicals," a book Carson said cited 'Lucifer' as the original radical. Carson said our rights are from "our creator" and every coin in our pocket says In God We Trust. He said electing Clinton would put someone in the White House whose hero was someone who acknowledges Lucifer.

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He blasted the Democrats and the progressive movement for its secular motive and wanting to force God out of the lives of American.

"It is not about Donald Trump, or me. It's about we the people. Thomas Jefferson said we'd reach this point, where the government would grow and metastasized and turn into something else, but we would rise up and take back our nation. Now is the time for us to take our country back."


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