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RNC Night 3 - VP nominee Mike Pence

Former Indiana Governor Mike Pence followed Newt Gingrich, who tried to sooth the crowd after Ted Cruz left the attendees frothing.

Pence joked about being as surprised to be on stage as the rest of the crowd. He said the media talked repeatedly how Trump needed to go opposite for a running mate, and after talking about Trump's charisma, he said that was the case.

But Pence's speech enthralled the crowd, with loud applause, giving the most eloquent and thoughtful speech of the RNC.

Pence was strong and confident in his speech, and very self-deprecating, which gave a much needed difference in mood in the arena for the party.

He talked about foreign policy, the need for an outside perspective in Washington. He tagged Hillary Clinton the ultimate outsider.

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He chided the Obama administration for presidential mandates. Pence said issues at the borders and protecting the country have fallen by the wayside, but that will change if Trump is elected.

"The outcome of this election depends on us. How do we contend with the incredible onslaught coming  our way. This wont be our first glimpse at the Clinton machine, as Bernie Sanders can tell you. And this time she'll have the media doing half her work."country."

Pence said his political heroes growing up were Martin Luther King Jr. and John Kennedy. He was a Democrat until he saw and listened to Ronald Reagan.

"The party of Lincoln was founded on the equality of opportunity. It will be our party and our opportunity to see everyone can prosper in this country."

He accused Democrats of abandoning those it once supported, a direct shot at disenchanted working class and minorities.

"For the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of the sanctity of life, for the sake of the 2nd amendment, we have to make sure the next president appointing Supreme Court justices is Donald  Trump."

"I believe we have come to another rendevouz with destiny. I have faith in the American people and faith God can heal our land."

"But we have a choice to make ... if you want a president that can protect this nation ... support law enforcement ... cut taxes and squeeze the  federal bureaucracy .. and will build strong borders and enforce our laws ... we have one choice. That man is ready, this team is ready, this party is ready, and when we elect Donald Trump president, we will make America great again."

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