5 things we learned about Kroger’s future in the region

Kroger's growth trajectory continues to skyrocket in the Miami Valley, as the grocery retailer invests millions of dollars into new locations and hires hundreds of new workers this year.

Tim Brown, president of Kroger’s Cincinnati/Dayton division, on Thursday gave the keynote address at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce annual meetin. Brown’s roots run deep with the Midwest grocery store chain, starting his career as a bagger in an Illinois store at 17 years old.

Here’s five things the Dayton Daily News learned about Kroger’s future in the Miami Valley:

1. As previously reported by this newspaper, Brown said Kroger will add 600 jobs to the region through two new marketplace locations — one at the Cornerstone of Centerville Development and another in Fairborn. Both locations will be completed by the end of August. Brown said Springfield could also see another marketplace pop up soon.

2. Kroger has already invested upwards of $53 million in its regional presence just in recent years. It has 44 supermarkets, 12 locations with ClickList services and another 10 locations with Starbucks services. The popular grocer already employs more than 8,100 associates in the Dayton region.

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3. Mobile and online shopping will play a strong role in Kroger's future business plans, Brown said. About 4 billion coupons have been downloaded on the free Kroger mobile app since 2009. Brown told the crowd that the grocer is constantly looking at new ways to feed customers' craving for convenience.

4. The grocery retailer is using data insights to personalize shopping experiences for people online and in stores. They track and process what customers buy so that they can offer customer-specific coupons and deals. "We know what you buy. We know your patterns," Brown said.

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5. Kroger has seen major growth across the county. Over the past eight years, the company has created more than 86,000 permanent jobs — and employs, more than 443,000 associates in 35 states. Nationwide, the company grew its workforce by more than 12,000 associates last year, and announced earlier this year that it would look to hire an estimated 10,000 permanent positions in its supermarket divisions.


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