Upper Valley Mall-goers react to preservation of Peanuts characters

Collection donated to Heritage Center, pleasing the public.

The Charlie Brown Peanuts characters usually displayed at the Upper Valley Mall around the holidays sparked interest among the community after being donated to the Heritage Center.

The former mall in Springfield is gaining attention on Facebook as community members reminisce about the collection.

The mall, which closed June 16 after decades of business, is in the hands of the Clark County Land Bank until ownership is transferred to Industrial Commercial Properties (ICP). The developer purchased the property earlier this month and plans to turn the former mall into a business park. The time frame of the ownership transfer is not set.

Meanwhile, the Clark County Land Bank has given the Heritage Center permission to take any materials to memorialize the history of Clark County and the Upper Valley Mall.

The Springfield News-Sun’s Facebook page displays reader comments about the fate of the Peanuts characters holiday display, which will be preserved at the Clark County Heritage Center.

Several Facebook users who commented are happy with the decision and thankful there will be other opportunities to view the collection.

“This is a totally delightful thing to have happen. I will go to see this display wherever it is displayed,” Kathy Schopmeyer said.

Another community member was relieved to see the collection being saved.

“I was wondering what they were going to do with it! So glad it’s not going in the trash,” June Young said.

Others joked about gladly taking the collection for themselves.

“I would have loved to have all the displays they used,” Josh Studebaker said.

“I want them!” Cheri Robinson said.

According to Roger Sherock, executive director of the Clark County Historical Society, they intend to display the Peanuts characters around the holidays:

“We feel it’s very important [to preserve]. It’s what we are here for. It’s our mission: collect, preserve, interpret.”

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