How to download an edition or article

Save a newspaper or article to be read offline

From the web version

To download an entire newspaper edition click or tap on the download icon in the toolbar at the top right of the newspaper.

Choose Select All to download the entire newspaper edition, or click on the individual page(s) to download a selection of pages. Once a page has been selected you will see a blue checkmark for that page.

Once the desired page(s) have been selected, click Download.

A new screen will appear with the selected page(s). Click on the “.pdf” link to open the PDF. This may take a few minutes depending on your connection.

Once the PDF loads, click on the download icon (arrow pointing down) in the top menu bar to download the PDF to your local device.

That’s it. You can now read those pages offline.

If you do not want to download the full page, you can “clip” part of a page and create a clipping. On the desired page click on the Snip from page icon in the top menu bar.

Click and drag your mouse to highlight the area to clip. Make sure that the entire section that you wish to clip is visible before attempting to clip it.

Click on the check symbol to save the clipping, cancel or the curved arrow to reselect the clipping area.

Once you have selected the clipped area and tapped or clicked on the check symbol, a new window will display with the clipping that will allow you to download the clipping to your device (save), print, or email to share to yourself and others.

From the ePaper ap,

To download the whole newspaper edition (1), click on the download icon(it will change to a trashcan). It may take a few seconds to fully download. This will save the edition to the My Content section beneath the bookmark section(2).

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Click the video below to see a tutorial of how to download an edition and article or clip an area from the web version ePaper.