Lobbying Ohio's state legislators

Reporting by Andrew Tobias | Graphics by Kyle Nagel

Organizations spent more than $1.8 million on lobbying efforts toward Ohio's state senators and representatives from 2009-12. Here's a breakdown of top spenders and how the money was spent, plus a searchable database of lobbying organizations and state legislators.

Lobbying gifts database

Search for an organization or a legislator and view detailed information about gifts they gave or received from 2009-12. Unlike some other types of lobbying spending, organizations must specify the recipients of gifts.

Lobbying expenses by most prolific organizations and category

Hover over bars for information about the Top 10 lobbying organizations and total spending by organizations in the four lobbying categories.

Top 10 lobbying groups
1. Wholesale Beer and Wine Association of Ohio
2. Ohio Association of REALTORS
3. Ohio Chamber of Commerce
4. Ohio Environmental Council
5. Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies
6. Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
7. Ohio Nurses Association
8. Ohio Chemistry Technology Council
9. Ohio Association of Community Health Centers
10. Community Action of Appalachian Ohio (CAAO)

Source: Ohio Legislative Inspector General

Lobbying categories

A: Gifts. Organizations/lobbyists must report the recipient in this category.

B: Meals and Beverages. Organizations/lobbyists must report the recipient in this category.

C: All invited functions. These include events to which any legislator is invited, and the organizations are not required to report who attended, only how much was spent.

D: A catch-all category, including food and beverages bought by a lobbyist totaling less than $50 in a single year and travel expenses for legislators making speaking appearances or attending conferences for any organization to which the legislature pays dues.