Heroin's Reach: Who is dying, and where?

There was a record 126 heroin-related overdose deaths in Montgomery County in 2013. The number of overdose deaths jumped from 50 in 2011 to 93 in 2012, despite public awareness efforts locally and nationally. Use the charts to explore statistics about heroin-related deaths and overdose in Montgomery County.

Where have the deaths happened?

The chart below describes the number of accidental overdose deaths by whether heroin was involved in 2013. The two bars combined equal the total number of accidental overdose death. Hover over bars for more information.

Dayton's totals were by far the county's biggest, with 51 heroin-related accidental overdoses and 90 total accidental overdoses. They are not plotted because they dwarf the other cities.

Who has died?

The chart below provides an age breakdown of those have died because of overdoses with heroin present in Montgomery County. Hover over bars for more information.

Reporting: Mark Gokavi | Interactive: Kyle Nagel | Source: Montgomery County Coroner's Office | Published: March 27, 2014 |