How to submit your events

How to submit your event

  • You can add photos to your event for free!
  • You can add a link to a Facebook event to make it easy for users to RSVP!
  • Simple category options
  • More great free features including possible listing in the Dayton Daily News now powers Dayton Daily News event listings

Items must be entered at least two weeks prior to the event for consideration for publication in these sections of the Dayton Daily News: GO!, Neighbors, Sunday Business Calendar, Sunday Life.

Notice: We try to include every item in print, but volume means publication isn't guaranteed and that receipt cannot be acknowledged.

Please include the following information for your event

  • A title for your event. This should not include venue information.
  • The start date and time for your event. Note: Recurring events can be entered by choosing "Repeats" and selecting the appropriate recurrence for your event from the dropdown menu. For events occurring over multiple days (festivals, performances, exhibits, etc), please create only ONE event and set the date range to include all days of the event. Details regarding event times, exclusions, and other specifics should be included in the description. Do not create multiple entries for one event.
  • End date and time (if applicable) for your event. Note: If your event has different start or end times for different days enter the first start time and then include the full time and date details in your description.
  • Location or venue for your event: Start typing the name of your venue and select it when it shows up in the list. If your venue does not appear, choose "Suggest a new venue" and fill in the required information in the popup window.
  • Category: You must select one and may select up to three categories from the dropdown. This will help the website organize your event and display it in relevant searches! Note: Music is no longer a main category option. Please add music events under the "Concerts & Tour Dates" category and include the music genre in your event description.
  • Adding a complete description of your event will help make your listing more complete! Though it is listed as optional, we STRONGLY encourage you to give your event a full description including: dates, times, pricing and any other pertinent information about your event.
  • Please include at least one photo with your event listing. This will make your event more appealing to readers. It may also increase your event's visibility on our sites. Please only use your own photos or have permission from the owner of the photo. Note: If you do not add a photo, stock images may be used on your event.

Questions or need to make edits?

If your event has not appeared online within one week from the date of entry, or you need to edit your event after it has posted, please call the events desk at (937) 225-0622.

If you are unable to find your event or have other problems with event entry, contact the events desk at (937) 225-0622. Please do not re-submit the event.

Thank you!

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