Letters to the Editor: July 2, 2022

Regarding “Abortion ruling sparks legal issues” in the Dayton Daily News on June 30, 2022, I believe the legal battles will continue at the cost of women’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH). The American Nurses Association affirms that every person has the ‘right to privacy and the right to make decisions about SRH based on full information and without coercion.” 1 As a nurse, I am required, and obligated, to give unbiased information and care regardless of my patient’s decisions.1 “Abortion is a reproductive health alternative,” but I or any other nurses can decline to care for someone who had to make that decision.1

In my humble opinion, the Supreme Court ruling has now interfered with my right, and the rights of all women, to unbiased SRH. Throwing out Roe vs. Wade has put the State of Ohio in our bedrooms, our doctors’ offices, and taken away patients’ right to appropriate, meaningful, and fully informed decisions regarding SRH. In addition, this ruling interferes with the professional obligations of all healthcare professionals is educating patients on appropriate medical care.

Regardless of where the legal issues land, most health professionals will continue to give all the education necessary for informed decision making, even if the decision is abortion and how to access that care.

- Peggy Ann Berry, Washington Twp.

In our foodbank’s service area, one in five people experience hunger. Last year, our foodbank served more than 50,000 Ohioans, and these numbers continue to escalate as more people are coming to our foodbank seeking help as their budgets won’t stretch to afford higher food, fuel and housing costs.

Now our foodbank is suffering from the impact of rising food prices, significant supply chain instability, massive reductions in USDA commodities, and declines in donations. As schools have recessed for the summer months, more families with children are turning to us for more food to help replace the lost school breakfast and lunch programs.

We need help, and we need it now. We are urging Governor DeWine and members of the Ohio General Assembly to fulfill the Ohio Association of Foodbanks’ request for $50 million now in immediate funding to help our foodbanks restock shelves and keep our doors open, and an additional $133 million in ARPA funding to help foodbanks repair, recover, and be resilient to meet long-term recovery needs.

We cannot afford to fail the hundreds of thousands of Ohio’s families and seniors that are counting on us to keep them from going hungry.

- Audrey Vanzant, Springfield