Letters to the Editor: May 21, 2022

Daniel L. Swagerty Jr., Wright State University

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Daniel L. Swagerty Jr., Wright State University

As an older person starting my second year of residence in an assisted living facility, I write to express my appreciation for Kaitlin Schroeder’s May 9 article, “More geriatricians needed to care for older adults.” Dr. Dan Swaggarty’s input was very helpful.

Our state and country have never had so many elderly people before, and yet there are only 163 geriatricians in Ohio.

We “golden agers” need physicians who specialize in our care. Many of us have memory problems, and most of process information slower than we used to. Many of us have hearing problems, but a number of us do not need to be shouted at. We need people who address us by name and are kind.

Thank you for lifting up our needs!

- James E. Magaw, Yellow Springs

The formula shortage is one more reason to support and promote breastfeeding as recommended by the US Surgeon General. The CDC reported that 60% of mothers do not reach their own breastfeeding goals. Currently 75% of Ohio mothers begin breastfeeding;. in Montgomery County, that percent is slightly lower at 73.2%.

The good news is that in Montgomery County and most surrounding counties there is robust support for breastfeeding mothers. Maternity hospitals and Dayton Children’s’ Hospital employ International Board‐Certified Lactation Consultants and operate outpatient breastfeeding clinics; WIC clinics employ lactation consultants and peer helpers, and other health agencies employ skilled breastfeeding care providers as well. There are multiple mother‐to‐mother support groups across the region. Lactation care providers are able to help mothers get breastfeeding started, solve most problems, and even help mothers re‐start breastfeeding if they stop before they wanted to.

To find local support, see the Regional Breastfeeding Services Directory compiled by Dayton Children’s Hospital and available on their website. The suggestion to over‐concentrate formula is not safe. Formula should always be prepared according to the CDC guidelines, which also be found on their website.

- Linda J. Smith, Kettering

By stating “Democrats are in a tizzy” in his May 15 column, Ray Marcano spouts a pejorative dog whistle for a misogynist view of women. He should have said what he really meant: hysterical. I would say as a woman they are not in a “tizzy,” but boots on the ground and willing to do the work. Roe v. Wade may well be reversed, but the battle has launched. Yes, we are concerned about inflation, gas prices, and women’s rights — and I assure you women’s rights are on the top of that list and we will vote. The elected representatives should beware, the women — all women; the young, the old, the suburban woman — will vote for persons who stand up to protect our bodily rights.

- Teresa Florence, Maineville

Memorial Day will be here soon and please remember the somber meaning of that day. Think about the selfless heroism of so many who were killed defending liberty and freedom, often times for those they didn’t even know. There are ceremonies throughout the area so let this be the year you attend one of them and when they have a 21-gun salute and play taps, allow the emotion of it to be meaningful to you. They deserve to be remembered and you’d be surprised how uplifting it can be for you to honor those whose unwavering devotion to duty should never be taken for granted.

- Dennis Singleton, Dayton