Letters to the Editor: Saturday, June 22, 2024

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

The residents of Highland Park are not indifferent about short-term rentals. When we became aware of the issue and the potential problems, we held neighborhood meetings, we argued the matter on Facebook, and we printed yard signs. Then we organized a petition and approached the City asking for an AirBnB ban to preserve our residential character as stated in City Ordinance, Chapter 758. Highland Park sits in the middle of three schools: Highland Elementary, Wilson Middle School, and Hamilton High. We have many families. Their kids walk to school, set up lemonade stands in the summer, and they play outside riding bikes and playing ball. Those kids deserve the same safe neighbors from one day to the next. Those kids deserve all the residential protections their parents bought into when they bought a home in Highland Park. Highland Park is a residential zone. Short-term rentals are a business. A STR can turn any home into a bunkhouse, a party house, a no-tell motel, a drug den, or worse. A family buying a house in a residential zone has a reasonable expectation not to neighbor any of those activities. Short-term rentals abuse that expectation. Let’s hope the City reigns in the STR problem before it gets worse.

- Dave Duricy, Hamilton

I would like to share my experience as the parent of students who greatly benefit from Ohio’s Ed Choice program. The program has given us the opportunity to move our children to private school where their education and social experience is blooming beyond my expectations. The significant focus of moral and ethical virtues, community service and academic success has been a much needed blessing post-COVID. We are experiencing reading level improvement, STEAM improvement and engagement, as well as a great curiosity for learning. I would like to thank everyone who has made this possible for our family. Ed Choice has been a great opportunity and we are excited to continue as school resumes in August.

- Amanda Mary, Waynesville

We all need a driver’s ed lesson. As I feel our democracy careening down a cliff, I found myself pausing to reframe what’s happening as a lesson on rules of the road. When approaching a yield sign, I don’t have to consider if I’m yielding to a Democrat or Republican, a Black man or a White man, or a Jew or a Christian. I just yield because it’s a traffic sign put there for the safety and security of the public. As we move closer to a highly consequential election, can we choose to cast our votes for candidates based on the 3 C’s: Competency, Conduct, and Character? If not, it will not only be our democracy that will fall off the cliff but the country, as we know it, will end up in the ditch.

- Valerie Lee, Dayton

The column written by Brigham McCowan on ‘Reckless EV Policies’ is a breath of fresh air to address the misguided policies of our present government. In many areas, the directions they are taking our country are leading us to a precipice of potentially disastrous proportions from energy independence, business, employment, inflation and military strength perspectives. We need to hear more objective and practical voices such as Dr. McCown.

- Karl Frydryk, Dayton