Letters to the Editor

If COVID-19 is fake, don’t seek treatment if infected: Regarding the Dayton Daily News’ recent coverage of parental/governmental push back on mask mandates and vaccines. I will try to appeal to your better nature [this will be in vain]. As a parent, would you allow your child to play on a highway? With a loaded gun? With a rabid dog? No? Imagine all those things are COVID-19. You risk the life of your precious child when you choose to not have them vaccinated or wear face coverings. I know you will say ‘the vaccines aren’t safe and masks don’t work,’ but the majority of people who did take the vaccines and still contracted the virus had mild symptoms. The masks do help because this past winter very few individuals came down with the flu. It’s a no-brainer. Look, this might sound callus, but since you don’t believe in those things anyway, how about you sign a waiver stating your choice for you and your offspring that you won’t need medical treatment for when/if you catch COVID? It would free up the hospitals for those ones who believe in its existence and won’t be sued if they tell you it’s ‘that fake virus’ and send you home to ride out your ‘bad flu.’ To the government: it is the parents’ right to choose health care for their children, not you. so stay out. Laurie Norvell, Dayton

Gerrymandering deprives voters: Hamilton County Republican Chair Alex Triantafilou framed the issue of redistricting and gerrymandering clearly. “Republicans should look out for other Republicans when drawing the lines for apportionment. We won. Obama taught us. Elections have consequences. This is a red state. Treat it as such.” As a hypercompetitive seeker and wielder of political power, he does not distinguish between the legislative issues that Republicans and Democrats disagree over, and the democratic system underlying it, which he considers his right to game to be more certain that his side wins the next elections as well. However, 75% of Ohio voters, including many in his party, voted against partisan gerrymandering when installing the process now in use. Admittedly, to a wielder of partisan power, fair districting looks different when there is still a chance that the other side might win and abuse you instead of you abusing them. Around the world, numerous democratically elected leaders have changed the rules to keep themselves in power, often citing the horrors of their opponents as an excuse. However, to work and be meaningful, democratic institutions must be stronger and more just than divisions over the policies that the elected representatives will enact. Gerrymandering manipulates the system to guarantee 10 years of results, mostly in uncompetitive races, essentially depriving voters of their voice. Let the parties win because of public approval of their actions, and not because they have manipulated the drawing of districts. Stanley Hirtle, Dayton

Pres. Biden is responsible for Afghanistan debacle: In response to Sept. 4, 2012 Dayton Daily News Article: “Plenty of Blame to Go Around. The author suggests that four presidents were to blame for the current debacle. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. As a former commander in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division and the Army Special Forces “Green Berets,” I learned early in my career that a commander is responsible for whatever his command does or fails to do. That is the military standard. A commander who fails is relieved of command, a career ender. The president is responsible for whatever the military does or fails to do. President Biden is the Commander-in-Chief of all military forces. He is the Big Guy.” Why should he get a pass when his subordinate commanders who fail do not? As President Truman once said, “The Buck Stops Here.” He, not his predecessors, is the one who decided to leave American, Canadian, British, German and French (at a minimum) citizens, and their allied interpreters behind to be at the mercy of the Taliban. This withdrawal happened on his watch, not the watch of Presidents Bush or Obama or Trump. If commanders in the military can be relieved for incompetence, why can’t he? This debacle is an absolute disgrace for our country. How can our allies ever trust us again? He should be ashamed of himself. He has compromised our nation’s security and we as Americans will pay a heavy price in the future. If he was an honorable man, he would resign as president. If not, then the American people, as his commander, should demand his impeachment. Stephen Marsh, Beavercreek.