VOICES: As a student, I wanted to do more for others

Nathaniel Mundy was recently elected to the West Carrolton School Board. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Nathaniel Mundy was recently elected to the West Carrolton School Board. (CONTRIBUTED)

Dr. Grace Hopper once said that “the most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.”’ This idea has stuck with me as I looked into our local governments.

In high school I saw, from a student’s perspective, opportunities we haven’t looked at or changed in decades. I wanted to try to give a student’s point of view on what can be expanded upon and grown. Senior year is when I dove into the relationship between the school board and the students, and that’s where I saw a need. As a result, I came up with the simple thought of wanting to do more for others. That was a driving force of why I ran for West Carrollton School Board.

To be frank, our board is doing great with implementing new opportunities for students’ mental health and with the new schools. I don’t want to discredit how amazing our board is at West Carrollton, but anyone can use a fresh set of eyes with a full and invigorated heart to add to the wonderful things going on.

I hope to accomplish a few goals, board willing. One is to continue granting students opportunities to expand mental growth as well as to find their “shine.” I believe that everyone is good at something no matter who you are. We are not all doctors or famous football stars, but we are people with unique traits that factor in to our personal successes. I want to open as many doors for students to express themselves and to find what makes them shine. Maybe we have someone good at a sport we don’t currently offer, or a student who masters a skill that our current clubs don’t accommodate. That’s where I see opportunity.

Government can be dull and boring. If you have ever been to a board meeting, you will most likely agree. Today, I think we have a chance to have a school board that walks side by side with its community. Boards today can work with other boards to create a stronger network and build even stronger communities. Being involved and excited in what you serve should be a characteristic all board members have. I hope to connect with other boards. Not just school boards, but city council and other community boards to think of new ideas and provide the best service for our community, especially the kids. They are the future and our best investment — even if it’s more work than we signed up for.

My age came up a lot during the elections. As a 21-year-old, people are worried about my youthfulness. I understand as “we’ve always done it this way” to elect members that have not been in school for an extended time. With a quickly changing culture, school has changed even a few years after I graduated. There is no age requirement for patriotism and passion for serving a community. I am excited to be young and connected with what the youth in these schools want and need for continued growth. That’s why I think our board will benefit from a younger generation being elected. I have high hopes that we can do amazing things together.

Nathaniel Mundy was elected to the West Carrolton School Board in November.

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