VOICES: Local moms sharing COVID vaccination facts, resources

Courtney Snow is the Owner & CEO at the Dayton Mom Collective. (CONTRIBUTED)

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Courtney Snow is the Owner & CEO at the Dayton Mom Collective. (CONTRIBUTED)

It’s Spring of 2021. I had my weekly phone call with my mom, and she asked if I had been excited to get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. She said that some people she knew acted like they won the lottery, and she just didn’t get that level of excitement. It made me pause and think… how did I feel about getting halfway vaccinated?

I felt relief. I felt like I could actually relax for the first time in more than 12 long months. The weight of the responsibility I had felt for my entire family was not bearing down as heavily on my tired shoulders. I felt that maybe there was hope for the world to eventually get back to “normal.” I felt relieved that I didn’t have to constantly be the germ police, being hyper vigilant about everything my hubby and daughter touched and did.

What I didn’t realize is that the past year’s stress and mental trauma had been so ingrained in me that it was almost becoming a part of me – a part of me I’d prefer not to have. I was a long way from figuring out that delicate balance between caution and paralyzing fear.

Being immunocompromised, I had been eligible for the vaccine for over a month and a half, and yet I could not get an appointment anywhere. Then, a friend gave me a number for a drive-thru vaccine clinic. I was on hold for almost an hour, but I got a spot.

I felt good to be able to receive the Pfizer vaccine with its high efficacy rate, but would I have still gotten it if it were one of the others? Yes. Was it worth any of the potential side effects? Considering the alternatives, absolutely. And, it would have been worth it to me, no matter which brand of the vaccine I had received that day.

So, do I feel like I won the lottery at getting an appointment for my vaccination? No, it’s not like that at all. Am I relieved that my mental health can take it a little easier these days? That answer is a resounding “yes.”

My husband got vaccinated about a month after I did. As soon as my daughter was eligible, we got her vaccinated as well. At this point, all three of us have been fully boosted.

I’m proud to be at the helm of the Dayton Mom Collective with a team of local moms around me that pours their hearts and souls into our community every day. We were recently approached by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Ohio on two campaigns to share the facts on COVID-19 vaccines and where to get vaccinated. With HHS and the We Can Do This campaign, we had the distinct honor of chatting with Dr. Divya Thomas of PriMED Physicians. She’s a local mom herself and a distinguished pediatrician in the area. We’ve shared the interview on our Facebook page. The State has also been sharing the facts and vaccination locations in the COVID Vax On the Spot campaign. I shared a quick video on our Instagram account about it.

Every family is different, and we all have to make the best choices for our families. The Dayton Mom Collective is always going to provide trusted recommendations and deliver the resources that mothers, parents and caregivers need to feel supported while doing what’s best for their children.

Courtney Snow is the Owner & CEO at the Dayton Mom Collective.

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