VOICES: Passage of Chips and Science Act a bipartisan success

The passage of the CHIPS and Science Act provides us with an opportunity to be grateful and hopeful. In largely bipartisan fashion, United States Congressional leaders did their part to enhance security and create opportunities for prosperity, not only in the state of Ohio, but in all of America.

The CHIPS and Science Act paves the way for significant investment in the country’s ability to produce semiconductors domestically and helps to support the manufacturing and industrial landscape in countless ways. Central Ohio communities will quickly see real benefits from the passage of this legislation, as will downstream manufacturers, homebuilders, and other businesses beyond just Central Ohio. The announcement of the Intel fabrication plant project was a transformative event for our state that will benefit families for current and future generations. Central Ohio leaders, educators, builders, manufacturers, service providers, retailers and others have already begun working together to foster a welcoming and prosperous environment with a talented and trained workforce. The CHIPS and Science Act helps America compete on the global semiconductor stage and ensures that the largest semiconductor plant on Earth will be constructed right here in Ohio!

The teamwork and collaboration happening in Central Ohio will expand to other regions of the state. The lessons learned – both good and bad – throughout the construction and operation of the Intel plant will instruct regions like Southwest Ohio on ways to attract future projects that have a similar direct impact on its communities. But even before those projects are born, chemical producers, high-tech component manufacturers, and other specialized material providers in counties like Hamilton, Butler, Warren and Clermont will see their own uptick in demand thanks to this monumental project.

Industry freed from dependency on overseas producers of semiconductors will positively impact America’s ability to provide technologically advanced goods and services. Access to semiconductors is important for everyone and affects virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Smartphones, cars, medical equipment, banking, and many other common items depend on microchips to function properly. In order to continue making cutting edge advancements in technology, semiconductors must be readily available.

For example, MPW Industrial Services, Inc. employs more than 4,000 workers and serves a vital role to manufacturers across Ohio and North America. The equipment used to provide its products and services are highly technical and rely heavily on semiconductors. In time, this legislation will position the United States to avoid the global chip shortages recently experienced as part of the broader supply chain challenges — another competitive advantage.

Investing in domestic semiconductor production impacts so much more of our society than we realize. Passage of the CHIPS and Science Act secures our supply chain to protect manufacturers, create and retain high-paying jobs, and generate countless opportunities for families across our county, state and nation. We are grateful our Congressional Representatives placed partisanship aside and worked together on this significant legislation, and we are hopeful this is the first of many such initiatives!

Jimmy Peck is an attorney, General Manager for the Industrial Cleaning Group at MPW Services, and President of the Board of Directors for the WaterJet Technology Association.

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