Brides, don’t ruin my holiday with your wedding

Brides-to-be, do me a favor: Don’t hold your wedding on a holiday weekend.

I speak to you directly because — let’s not kid ourselves — you run the show.

It seems more and more people are electing to get hitched over a holiday weekend.

The etiquette of marrying over a holiday weekend is the subject of many online conversations.

I won’t go as far as to say it’s rude, but …

Resist the temptation to follow this disturbing trend. Keep it old-school.

I know you think you are doing your friends and family members a favor by holding your wedding on a holiday weekend.

You’re probably thinking they can make a three-day weekend out of celebrating you.

The thing is, they were going to have a three-day weekend anyway and they were going to celebrate anyway.

“People have an extra day off,” you say.

“They’d rather spend that extra day lounging around in their underpants, grilling meat or running around with a ball,” I say.

“But our wedding would make the holiday even more special,” you say.

“No, it won’t,” I say. “No one really wants to go to a holiday weekend wedding.”

They miss the cool stuff that happens when there are three-day holiday weekends because they will be trapped at your wedding.

“Trapped” is a little harsh.

Your friend or family member wants to see you get married. They love you and your groom-to-be to pieces.

They simply do not understand why you have to have it on a weekend when there is everything going on.

Pick a weekend when nothing is going on and the thing going on will be your wedding.

This would help you, too.

Picking a regular weekend date for your wedding removes the competition.

My way means that you are not competing for attention.

The other way pits you against a beloved American holiday in the race to be pretty, pretty princess of the day. Bride versus Labor Day. Bride versus Thanksgiving. Bride versus Christmas.

No matter how white your wedding is, Christmas will always win because it is Christmas.

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