When fried mac and cheese isn’t hot enough, there’s this from Burger King

Burger King's Flaming Hot Mac n' Cheetos (Burger King)

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Burger King's Flaming Hot Mac n' Cheetos (Burger King)

The mad food wizards at Burger King’s test kitchens are at it again.

On Thursday, the Miami-based fast food giant introduced its fiery follow-up to last year’s Mac n’ Cheetos, the limited snack item that consisted of fried macaroni and cheese sticks dusted with Cheetos powder as breading.

This one, teased with an #ItsLit Twitter hashtag, should leave an even stronger impression: Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos.

It’s the same idea as the 2016 version, except this one is dusted with Cheetos’ Flamin’ Hot flavoring. Or as BK puts it on its website banner: “A unique portable snack of creamy mac n’ cheese coated and dusted with the flavor of CHEETOS® crunchy FLAMIN’ HOT® cheese snacks. Do you dare?”

Apparently, plenty are willing to take BK up on its food dares since the original Mac n’ Cheetos sold enough to spawn a sequel. As for last year’s oft-mocked Whopperito, the chain’s signature Whopper burger and all of its sticky accoutrements molded into a burrito, we’ll have to see if that one gets a spicier update.

Not to be outdone in the great stoner’s food race for your wallets (and arteries), Taco Bell recently introduced its Rolled Chicken Tacos, cigar-shaped shells housing spicy ground chicken that you dip into sauces including nacho cheese, spicy ranch or guacamole. (We tried ’em, and if you keep it secret from the nutrition police, they were tasty and not greasy — and, for now, we’re still standing.)

Pizza Hut, meanwhile, has also added its Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza, which twists its crusts into pockets stuffed with five cheeses.

“The holiday season is for catching up with loved ones,” Pizza Hut says. Naturally. What could be better than pockets full of mozzarella, provolone, white cheddar, Asiago and Fontina? Beats the empty taste of lint.

“The Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza is the perfect addition to upcoming holiday festivities, because we believe there are no better times than those shared over a fun and delicious meal together.”

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