Report: Family says boy was poisoned by termite spray, sues Terminix

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The Florida Department of Health said the child showed signs of sulfuric fluoride poisoning - a toxic gas commonly used in Florida fumigations, according to the report.

Peyton’s family is suing Terminix. They claim they had the house sprayed and re-entered the home well after the safety period indicated in a note left by the company.

Peyton’s parents, Carl and Lori McCaughey, said the whole family became ill after returning home but everyone else recovered. 

The McCaugheys said Peyton is out of the hospital and back home, undergoing extensive therapies to recover, but his injuries may cause him to need life-long care.

Read more and watch the video here if you cannot see it below.

If you missed it last night, here is Carl & Lori's first interview.

Posted by Support Peyton McCaughey on Thursday, November 19, 2015