Luna Gifts & Botanicals has plenty to love when it comes to gift giving

Dec 19, 2017
Selection of ceramic planters You’d expect a store that specializes in plants to have planters. The selection at Luna are sweet and dreamy. The perfect kind of planters for smaller displays around the home or office. Contributed Photo by Alexis Larsen

The sister store to Heart Mercantile, Luna Gifts & Botanicals opened just over a year ago with savvy owners at the helm who had a vision. 

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This one-part plant store and one-part gift shop, and filled to the brim with beautiful plants that set the tone as soon as you step inside. 

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Filled with lovely things, this is a great stop for loved ones with a green thumb or those with hipster sensibilities. 

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With a nice selection of plants at the front of the store and soft goods, home decor, paper goods and more throughout the back half, Luna strikes a nice tone and presents a variety of inventory that is a delight to browse. You’ll love a visit here. 

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