Humane Society working to adopt 111 poodles found at Warren County home

Some of the 111 poodles rescued earlier this week from a single-story ranch house and barn outside Franklin could be ready for adoption on Saturday.

The poodles would be among animals up for adoption during a fund-raiser in Monroe, Joanne Hurley, executive director of the Humane Society of Warren County, said.

“I’m hoping I can take a few of them with me,” Hurley said.

Since Monday, most of the rescued dogs have been shaved as preparation for medical exams.

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“We’ve started birthing this morning,” Hurley added Wednesday.

Hurley estimated half of the dogs are females, and half of them pregnant.

Using an ultrasound machine lent by the Lebanon Equine Clinic, staff and volunteers have begun checking the rescued females for pregnancy.

“They’re lending it to us for a while to see what we can figure out,” Hurley added.

While most are poodles, some are poodle mixes, according to Hurley.

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The dogs are being separated by gender. Males will be quickly neutered.

Some of the dogs will be treated for skin infections and other problems, Hurley said.

The dogs were removed Monday, a day after the son of the woman living there called authorities about her living in filthy conditions in the home on Hendrickson Road. The incident was described as “animal hoarding” in a sheriff’s office report.

On Sunday, Deputy Kenneth Palmer reported responding to a call from the lady’s son indicating she “is currently living in filthy conditions with lots of pets.”

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The son and granddaughter indicated the woman, 71, had agreed to clean up the home over the weekend, but “nothing changed.”

This news organization is withholding the identity and location of the homeowner because no charges have been filed and her case has been referred to adult protective services.

“The yard appeared somewhat orderly, but as I got closer to the house it became more of a mess,” Palmer said in the report.

Palmer met the woman on the porch.

“She was bleeding from the hand and had flies all over her. The smell from her front porch was almost overwhelming,” according to the incident report.

The deputy was not allowed to enter the house, but noticed seven to 10 dogs “scattered all over the house and floors.” While not apparently malnourished, they did not appear to be well cared for.

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The animal warden and adult protective services were notified.

Three deputies, an animal warden and health officials returned Monday and found 111 dogs “in various stages of medical emergency.”

The woman had a kennel license for five dogs and said she “did not realize how many dogs were on the property.”

Dogs were found in the one-story house and barn.

“She agreed to surrender all of her dogs,” Deputy Reil Becker said in her report.

While some could be available sooner, Hurley said most would not be ready for adoption or fostering for several weeks.

She urged people anxious to help to visit the shelter and fill out required forms and watch Facebook Live updates on the humane society page.

Offers have come from as far away as Texas, but Hurley predicted the dogs would all be sent home with area people.

“Right now, I have such a local outcry,” she said.

Saturday’s fund-raiser is from 10 a.m.-7 Sparky’s American Motorcycles, 316 N. Main St. in Monroe.

Humane Society of Warren County Fund-raiser

Saturday, Sept. 28

Sparky’s American Motorcycles

316 N. Main St., Monroe

10 a.m.-7 p.m.

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