SICSA Pet Adoption expanding into Washington Twp.: 5 things to know

SICSA, a pet adoption center, announced intentions to expand to a new, 25,000-square-foot facility in Washington Twp.

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Township trustees approved the plans Monday night, after the adoption center raised nearly 50 percent of the $5 million needed for the facility.

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Nora Vondrell, executive director of SICSA, formally announced the expansion Tuesday morning at a press conference.

Here are five things to know about SICSA and the new pet adoption facility.

  1. In 2016, SICSA saw the largest number of animal adoptions in the group's 43-year history – 1,654. SICSA has had a 46 percent increase in the last five years and 72 percent over the last decade.
  2. The current SICSA facility at 2600 Wilmington Pike in Kettering is about 11,000-square-feet. The new facility on Washington Church Road will more than double in size, with a new 25,000-square-feet single floor facility.
  3. SICSA currently has 700-800 volunteers. With the addition of the new Washington Twp. center, SICSA said 'significantly' more volunteers will be needed to support both sites.
  4. SICSA was founded in 1974 as an alternative to traditional animal welfare.

According to SICSA, in Montgomery County, 48 percent of all stray animals are euthanized. About six years ago, the rate was around 65 percent. SICSA helps reduce the number of euthanized animals by taking some in from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

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