The clowns are going to be out this weekend! Foy’s reveals its top-selling costumes

This year’s top-selling costume at the iconic Foy’s Costume Store is one that may not come as a surprise to some people.

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IT, also known as Pennywise the clown, has topped the charts as best-selling costume at Foy's Halloween Store for at least the past two years.


“I don’t think anyone else in the area sells the great IT that we have,” Mike Foy, owner of Foy’s Halloween Store said. “I didn’t think IT was gonna be as big this year.”

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Another best-selling costume this year is a familiar superhero.

"I've noticed that in Batman this year, the best deluxe that you can get, we're out of," Foy said.

One costume that Foy's wife Darla, who runs the costume store, says is in high demand is Chuckie.

Credit: Brooke Spurlock/Staff

Credit: Brooke Spurlock/Staff

Foy owns two costume stores, one for adults and one for kids, that has thousands of costumes. He also says there’s not another kids costume store anywhere.

“Nobody has more costumes than us, more different costumes,” he said. “It’s amazing what people will spend on a costume.”

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Other best-selling items include masks and decorations, which they also have thousands of.

Michael Myers is the best-selling mask, Foy said, because there are 20 different variations, and we have all of them.

Credit: Brooke Spurlock/Staff

Credit: Brooke Spurlock/Staff

Foy said the stores, located on Main Street in Fairborn, get costumes in year-round and he always restocks them in November after Halloween.

The best-selling decorations include skeletons and all different types of body parts.

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