2021 dog licenses on sale; auditor urges online purchase


It’s dog license time, and the 2021 tags are on sale through Feb. 1 in Montgomery County.

“This year, we’re encouraging dog owners to purchase their dog’s license online, from the safety and convenience of their home,” Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith stated in a release. “Please renew your dog’s license today to help your loyal friend get back home if they get lost.”

The county implemented a new online payment system that is simpler to use and has cheaper card processing fees, Keith said.

Owners whose dogs are spayed or neutered will pay a $20 license fee, and owners whose dogs have not been altered will pay $24 for each dog tag. All dogs older than three months must be licensed under Ohio law. The licenses must be renewed annually, unless the owner has a three-year or permanent license that can only be purchased in person from the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office in the County Administration Building at 451 W. Third St.

Dog licenses can be purchased in three ways:

1. Online at www.mcohio.org/dogs

2. By mailing an application that can be downloaded at www.mcohio.org/dogs

3. In person at 21 stores and agencies throughout Montgomery County, as well as the County Administration Building and the Animal Resource Center, at 6790 Webster St.

Dog license fees fund the county Animal Resource Center’s efforts to care for stray and lost animals, spay and neuter every dog that leaves the shelter as an adopted pet, and provide animal control services throughout the county.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to license your dog,” Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge stated. “If your dog gets loose just one time, the license will more than pay for itself. For just $20, you can ensure that your dog will find its way back home to your family.”

For more information, visit www.mcohio.org/dogs or call 937-225-4314. To find more locations that sell dog licenses, click here.


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