Community Gem: Mother of eight helps others balance family and their dreams

A serial entrepreneur and mom of eight, Dionna Walker knows how to balance fortune and family.

Walker is the mind behind Business Moms Inc., a service-based company coaching women in business management, social media marketing, partnerships and networking. Walker also launched Rebirth Hair Products, a line developed for mothers who experience excessive hair loss after pregnancy.

Walker developed the line of hair care products after her own experiences with hair loss, and said her customers are often surprised by the affordability of her products.

“We are the only hair product company nationwide that offers hair growth solutions to mothers suffering hair loss due to postpartum issues,” Walker said.

“Everything I do I want to make sure I’m being a solution. At the end of the day, if you can provide a quality product you know works, why not make it affordable? I come from humble beginnings. I wasn’t always able to afford simple things. I know how it is,” she said.

Between Business Moms Inc., and her book, Mommy Hustle, Walker shares her journey of being both a mother and an entrepreneur, detailing the struggles of being a mom in business.

“From a book, I started a group on Instagram and Facebook,” she said. “Trying to be open on my journey. A lot of people love to see that and it’s encouraging to them.”

Walker’s business had to take a back seat after suffering with a bout of severe pre-eclampsia due to the birth of her twins last year. Pre-eclampsia is a serious blood pressure condition that develops during pregnancy, and can sometimes be fatal if untreated.

Walker was nominated as a Dayton Daily News Community Gem by her husband, Cordell.

“She’s an amazing person. What she went through and how she overcame everything, I’m just amazed,” Cordell said. “She’s my partner. I think of her as Batman and me as Robin.”

Walker has since bounced back, and is looking forward to launching an initiative later this year to donate hair products to Montgomery County Children’s Services, for girls that are transitioning into different homes. The program is in honor of her grandmother, Shallon Coleman, who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It took me a long time to rebuild. I still have that opportunity, but still taking that time to get back to where I was. I’m excited about what’s coming.”

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