Construction on Whipp Road bridge in danger of ‘imminent failure’ to begin late March

Construction will close part of Whipp Road around the intersection with Seton Hill Street to replace a bridge, starting March 29.

According to the Montgomery County Engineer’s Office, the project would replace the existing bridge with another of the same kind, while adding a sidewalk on the south side of the road and resurfacing the pavement around the intersection.

A release from Washington Township, construction is expected to end by May 28, though the engineer’s office estimated Whipp Road will be closed for three months.

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Access to all driveways and the elementary school will be maintained during construction, according to the engineer’s office.

According to a presentation by the engineer’s office, this project is expected to cost $523,000, though the county has received a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission for $345,750 in eligible costs.

The engineer’s office said that the existing bridge was built in 1953 and extended in 1989, and is currently “susceptible to imminent failure.”

The office said the pipe running under the bridge is severely corroded, especially on the bottom where a natural spring is pushing water through in jets in several locations.

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