ELECTION 2023: Beavercreek Schools ask for $2.2 million replacement schools levy

In November election, Beavercreek schools seek replacement of levy for property improvements.

Beavercreek local schools is asking for a 1-mill replacement levy. If it passes, a homeowner would pay $35 a year for every $100,000 in taxable property valuation.

Under the current property tax, homeowners pay about $14 per $100,000 in property valuation per year.

If approved, the Beavercreek levy would start generating revenue in January 2024 and expire in December 2028. It would collect about $2.2 million per year.

A replacement levy allows the district to collect slightly more in taxes because it allows for an increase in property values. Beavercreek says this levy was first approved in 1989 and has been approved seven times since then.

Beavercreek voters last approved a renewal of a 5.25-mill levy in the spring that lasts five years. The money from that levy went to the general fund, while the money Beavercreek is asking for now would only go to property improvements.

“The levy that we are asking for is not an operating levy but a permanent improvement levy that cannot be used on operating expenses, i.e. salaries, benefits, bus fuel, utilities, etc.,” said Beavercreek superintendent Paul Otten. “This levy can only be used for construction, renovation, and additions to school facilities and for providing equipment, furnishings, and site improvements.”

“Citizens for Beavercreek Schools” on Facebook offers more information.

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