Former CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Dayton under investigation

Dayton Police confirmed Friday they are investigating the Boys and Girls Club of Dayton and that the CEO, Tara Marlow, is a part of the investigation.

The Boys & Girls Club confirmed the investigation, saying in a statement that Marlow is “no longer associated with the organization.”

The organization discovered several policy violations that led to an internal investigation and then contacting the police, according to the statement.

The club did not say exactly what the policy violations were, but said its board of directors is evaluating management policies and procedures to “strengthen the organization’s finances and operations going forward.”

It also declined to comment further on the investigation, saying it is an “active police matter”.

Marlow also did not return a request for comment.

According to police records, Mica Goosby, board chair of the Boys and Girls Club of Dayton, called police on April 1 to investigate the situation. Marlow has not been arrested, nor have any charges been filed, according to criminal records.

The club said that it is searching for a new CEO, but in the meantime, Crystal Allen would serve as interim CEO, and club operations would continue as normal.