Hanson Audio Video opens newly constructed location with multi-story showroom

A longtime Dayton area business is opening its newly constructed, larger location on a busy stretch of road in Washington Twp.

Hanson Audio Video moved from Kettering to a new, multi-story showroom at 5749 Far Hills Ave. The business, which got its start in 1999, markets a variety of smart home technology products, including universal remotes, lighting controls, shades and blinds, intercom and gate control, security locks, security cameras and energy management controls,

But its old location at 3140 Far Hills in Kettering was limited in both its parking and the amount of space it offered for its growing number of products and services, according to CFO Greg Hanson.

Construction on the new showroom launched in January, giving the business a space approximately 30% larger than the Kettering location.

“It’s a night and day difference,” Hanson said. “The amount of display space we have is probably double what we had.”

The new 6,405-square-foot retail location’s first level features primarily hi-fi audio-type products and a variety of listening rooms and theater rooms. All of the facility’s smart home technology products are highlighted in assorted other rooms.

The new building aims to create an environment similar to what someone would experience in their own home so “people can relate a lot better,” Hanson said.

To do all the things necessary for the new showroom, and do to them properly, a new home had to be constructed for the business, he said.

“If we only remodeled or retrofit (the old location), we can only show a partial of the things that we do, so it would be good for those people that are remodeling, but for people who are building new homes, we can show a whole other array of things that are available when you started from scratch,” Hanson said.

The larger location allows customers a “try before you buy” experience of Hanson Audio Video’s ‘good, better, best and ultimate’ selection, including “all the different automation that can be done,” plus different theater versions, such a a platform theater and a sunken theater.

“For people who are building an expensive home, we can do things that even a lot of the architects, designers and so on didn’t even know were possible,” he said.

Hanson Audio Video is scheduled to hold an open house from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to commemorate its first day there. The Washington Twp. showroom is not a copy of the Cincinnati one, Hanson said.

“We’ve got something totally different because many people that are building homes or remodeling homes don’t want to go into both showrooms,” he said .”It’s like one giant showroom if you combine the two together. You’re not going to see a lot of things repeated.”

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