Wellness software ‘bug’ exposes Honda employees for a ‘few hours’

An internal Honda personal wellness website suffered a “software bug,” exposing the user-identities and activities of nearly 800 Honda employees and their spouses who used the site in Ohio, the automaker said in a brief statement.

“Limeade, a company that provides employee well-being solutions to Honda, has notified Honda that a software bug caused some trackable activities on its well-being website to be viewable by other Honda participants who joined the same activity,” Honda said in a one-paragraph statement sent to the Dayton Daily News Wednesday evening.

The software glitch, which Honda said was fixed “within a few hours after its discovery,” affected about 775 Honda users in Ohio, the company said.

Participants access the internal Honda web site through business or personal computers, a Honda spokesman said.

Only Ohio employees were affected, the company said. A Honda spokesman did not make anyone available for an interview.

“Examples of tracked activities that could have been viewed by other participants include the number of steps tracked in a day, hours slept, or completion of a dental appointment,” the automaker said in a statement. “While a participant’s username could have been viewed by other participants, no other personally identifiable information, such as a mailing address or Social Security number, was viewable. All affected participants have been notified.”

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