Oakwood property tax levy vote delayed to 2024 due to ‘clerical error’

Credit: FILE

Credit: FILE

Oakwood citizens will no longer be voting to a 3.75-mill property tax renewal after the final paperwork was sent to the wrong agency, according to a release from the city Monday evening.

In the release, the city said that it initially planned to file paperwork to put the tax renewal issue on the Nov. 7 ballot this year; however, due to a “clerical error,” the paperwork was sent to the Montgomery County Auditor, rather than the Montgomery County Board of Elections. As a result, the city said the tax issue will not be on the ballot this fall.

Oakwood said it plans to put the tax renewal levy on the ballot in 2024 instead.

The tax renewal issue was planned since the city council approved it in July. If passed, the issue would have renewed the current, expiring property tax levy.

Money from the levy would have gone to the city’s general fund to cover costs like public safety, parks and recreation and road maintenance, the city said previously.

Staff writer Nick Blizzard also contributed to this report.

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