Project proposed in the flood plain of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

From Nov. 25 through Dec. 24, the U.S. Air Force will accept comments on a proposed project in the flood plain area of the base. The project will resurface all existing exercise track along Skeel Avenue. New track will extend on the south side of the Skeel Avenue track from the intersection of Skeel Avenue and Hebble Creek Road to the intersection of Skeel Avenue and Communications Boulevard.

New track will also extend on the north end of Skeel Avenue track from the current starting point on the southwest corner of the golf course parking lot to the northeast corner of the golf course parking lot ending near Facility 30090, the Tennis Club building. Existing mileage signs along the track will be replaced and solar lighting will be added. A shelter near the Tennis Cub will be constructed that will include a water fountain and restrooms. Workout stations will be added at six points along the exercise track.

Soil would be removed from the project so that a net zero fill is maintained in the flood plain. This project will require coordination with the Miami Conservancy District.

The public is invited to request additional information through 88 ABW/Public Affairs. Written comments and inquiries on the public notice should be directed to:

88 ABW/Public Affairs

5135 Pearson Rd., Bldg. 10, Room 252

Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

Or email to

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