Trotwood tax filing deadline extended

Credit: Mark Lennihan

Credit: Mark Lennihan

The city of Trotwood has extended its filing deadline for the 2020 tax year to the same deadline as the Internal Revenue Service and the state.

The new deadline is May 17 giving tax payers an extra month to file and pay individual taxes from last year.

“For consistency it makes it so much easier for taxpayers if they have one deadline in mind. Some people work in various cities and may live in yet a different city and managing multiple deadlines, we find this makes it easier,” said Stephanie Kellum Trotwood’s deputy city manager.

Earlier this month the IRS announced the new filing date for federal taxes with many states to follow suit. Taxpayers can postpone federal income tax payments for the 2020 tax year to the the new deadline free of penalties and interest.

Kellum said that the city is not in a rush for income taxes but citizens are still encouraged to file sooner.

“We’ve got American recovery dollars to offset any losses we would have incurred, so we’re just going to give taxpayers the additional time to get everything correct,” she said.

The filing extension and the waiver of penalty and interest will be available to anyone filing Ohio individual income tax. The city is also offering appointments to residents that need assistance or have questions about filing their taxes. For more information contact the Trotwood income tax department at 937-837-3415.

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