Troy school board approves contracts, 4% raise for teachers, other workers

TROY — The Troy City Schools Board of Education voted June 10 to approve new three-year contracts with both its teachers and support staff.

The contracts were approved 4-0 by the board. President Sue Borchers was not at the meeting.

Superintendent Chris Piper said negotiations with the Troy City Education Association was “a very smooth process.” Talks with the Troy City Support Staff Association was “a bit longer process” but the parties were able to reach an agreement “we can all be happy with,” he said.

The salary increases for teachers were set at 4 percent effective Aug. 1, then 3.5 percent for the second contract year and 3 percent for the third year. Contracts run Aug. 1 through July 31, 2027.

For the support staff, the salary increase in the first year is the same 4 percent, but the amount varies among each employee group in that union, said Jeff Price, district treasurer and chief financial officer. Support staff includes bus drivers, cafeteria workers, administrative assistants, custodians, aides and others.

“Some received a bit more while others received a bit less,” he said.

The cost of the first year in salary increases is estimated at $1,552,128 for both contracts combined, Price said.

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