Miami Valley sees a few snowflakes to start off November

A few snowflakes fell this afternoon to start off November. Today is expected to be windy and cold, with blustery weather all through the evening the National Weather Service office in Wilmington reported.

Showers are possible this morning, though most of the rain is expected before 10 a.m. The day is expected to be cloudy and windy with cold temperatures, ranging from 39 degrees to as low as 28 degrees. Frost is expected overnight, particularly after 3 a.m., the National Weather Service said.

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We can expect frost tomorrow morning, the National Weather Service reported, though temperatures will be slightly warmer, ranging from 47 degrees to 33 degrees. The skies are expected to be sunny and clear, though the morning is anticipated to be windy, with gusts reaching up to 25 mph.

Tuesday’s weather is expected to be a little more mild, with temperatures ranging from 56 degrees to 38 degrees and clear, sunny skies.

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